Diaper Rally to Support Babies Affected by Hurricane Harvey

👶DIAPER RALLY - Disaster Relief Donations Needed 👶#hurricaneharvey ☑️Diapers are NOT provided by disaster relief agencies ☑️Dream Baby Sleep will be collecting diapers at multiple drop locations and shipping to @texasdiaperbank #txdiaperbank (501c3) on 9/8! ☑️Please drop off new or good condition diapers (Opened diapers are accepted but please pack tightly in gallon zip lock [...]

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Win a free 45 minute consultation by following me on Snapchat

carolynneharvey Follow me, Carolynne Harvey, the Founder of Dream Baby Sleep on Snapchat!  Watch the behind the scenes fun of my life as a single Mom and sleep expert who broke every rule in the book! As a THANK YOU you'll have a chance to WIN a 45 Minutes Sleep Consultation with ME! [...]

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Top 5 Mommy Must Have Products

I often find myself wondering what’s in everyone’s bag of tricks when it comes to Mommy must have products.  There are thousands of products to choose from and knowing where to start can be overwhelming.  I’m going to break this down in an unconventional way and start with something for Mom. Top 5 Must Have [...]

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How to teach your baby to LOVE sleep

Happy Valentine's Day! Are you convinced your baby hates their crib and just isn't a good sleeper? The good news is sleep is taught, it's NOT an innate skill it's a learned behavior. 15% OFF A to Zzz sleep packages booked TODAY using promo code: LOVESLEEP Tips to improve sleep: Use white noise for all sleep [...]

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Understanding Why Your Baby Loves White Noise

Babies LOVE white noise.  They have been living in your womb for 9 months hearing the loud swooshing of your heart beat, organs working, the rumbles of your belly, vibration of your voice and the chatter outside!  Next time you are taking a bath, turn the faucet on full blast and put your head under [...]

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Bedtime by Age – Timing is everything

Bedtime starting too late causes 3 main problems: Difficulty falling asleep. Once the baby exceeds the natural sleep window the body produces adrenaline to cope.  This is often when we see the "second wind". Getting in front of this is key. Multiple Night Wakings. When bedtime is too late cortisol is released and causes poor sleep [...]

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The Labor of Motherhood by Dr. Jessica Escott – Dream Team Counsel Member

Women go through many changes throughout their lifetime both within themselves and through their relationships. The shift into parenthood can represent the most seismic change of all. When a woman becomes a mother, the way she views herself, her community, her partner and family all change. She is thrusted into a deeply rewarding but extremely [...]

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How To Improve Infant Sleep By Setting A Healthy Foundation

Adequate sleep is proven to help a child’s cognitive development, emotional balance, behavior and overall health.  Fostering healthy sleep habits with your little one right out of the gate will set you up for success!  Although we don’t sleep train babies until 4 months from their estimated due date, there are steps you can take [...]

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5 Easy Sleep Tips to help Parents Conquer Daylight Savings

Wishful thinking that your baby’s internal clock will adjust as quickly as your IPhone.  When the clock falls back one hour on November 6th be prepared with a clear plan from certified sleep consultants at Dream Baby Sleep™. Follow these simple steps to help your child adjust to the time change and prevent sleep regressions. [...]

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Early Rising, is your baby up with the chickens?

Early rising is one of the most challenging components of sleep because the lightest stage of REM sleep is between 4 AM and 7 AM. This makes it hard for our little ones to return to sleep during these times. I do NOT subscribe to the theory, "I just have an early riser". Sleep is [...]

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