Meet the Team

Dream Baby Sleep offers science-backed sleep solutions for any and every family. We use four gentle sleep training methods, and each has been perfected by more than ten years of research.  These methods are supported by the science behind baby sleep.  All our coaches are certified by the Institute of Pediatric Sleep & Parenting, trained in all the methods we use, and have mentored directly under our founder, Carolynne J. Harvey for 2 years.

We guide families in choosing a sleep training method that will work best for them, taking into account the age of their baby, their parenting style, the temperament of their child and their family dynamic—not simply “crying it out.”  With our help, we can prevent babies from getting overtired, find a sleep training method that works for the parents and the child, and set everyone in the family up for success— and a great night’s sleep.

We Use the Following Methods

Meet the Team


Carolyne J. Harvey


I started Dream Baby Sleep® because I needed Dream Baby Sleep® when my daughter was an infant. Back then, I broke nearly every "rule" in the book...


Jennifer Mendillo

Senior Sleep Coach

Jennifer has three children Anthony, Luca and Savannah.  She struggled with sleep when both boys were young before finding and working with Carolynne and Dream Baby Sleep as a client. Thanks to her own experiences, she learned how absolutely essential it is to have a healthy sleep routine.  Jennifer graduated from Saint Thomas Aquinas College in New York with a degree in business administration/accounting, and she is a proud certified coach through the Institute of Pediatrics Sleep & Parenting. Jennifer lives in North Haledon, New Jersey, with her family.


Nannie Reinert

Senior Sleep Coach & Lactation Education Counselor

Nannie’s youngest daughter didn’t sleep well for the first eight months of her life due to a medical condition. When the condition resolved, her family found they had become completely reliant on sleep crutches and wanted to make a change. After a sleep coach helped their family learn to stop relying on these crutches, Nannie became a sleep coach as well. She is on a mission to show parents that no matter how sleep-crutch dependent you may feel, you can get your baby sleeping independently through the night. Nannie is a graduate of Texas Christian University with a degree in communication studies, and is a certified coach through the Institute of Pediatrics Sleep & Parenting.  She lives in Texas with her family. Nannie Reinert is also a lactation education counselor with Dream Baby Sleep. She became passionate about helping families achieve their breastfeeding goals after overcoming her own youngest daughter's early nursing challenges and sleep crutches.


Erin Reed

Senior Sleep Consultant

I’m Erin, a twin mom and a graduate of James Madison University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Kinesiology. How the body works has always been fascinating to me and after 9 long months of not sleeping after my twins were born.

Success Story

Jordan Monroe, Co-Founder of Owlet Baby

With two toddler boys, Jordan and Melissa were experienced in all methods of self-taught sleep training by the time they welcomed their third son, Grayson. As a nurse who worked night shifts, Melissa wanted her first son to be sleeping better by the time she returned from work, and the couple successfully applied the "cry it out" out method.

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