5 Ways to Calm a Fussy Baby – Guest Blog by MEMEENO®

Calm a fussy baby with MEMEENO®. MEMEENO® is helping babies sleep one belly at a time with their signature product the belly band.

Hearing your baby cry is very hard. It’s often difficult to tell what is causing a baby to cry. Is it gas?  Is she uncomfortable? Does she want to be held? She will have been well fed, her diaper changed and comfy cozy. And all of a sudden, the full-blown crying begins. We have a fussy baby, and we are often unsure of what is causing it.

We Had a Fussy Baby

This was true for our baby girl, Mimi, who was born a preemie at 32 weeks. When she came home after being in the NICU for one month, I realized that I had no idea how to care for my girl. She would always start crying around sunset time and just keep going and going. She had a very difficult time passing gas, often bringing her knees to her chest and grunting at all hours of the night. There seemed to be no end in sight. Although I felt uneasy about giving her anything other than milk, I did try various over the counter solutions. None of them worked for her.

Discovering the Belly Band to Calm a Fussy Baby

A friend of mine gave me a belly band (also called a binder or belly belt) from her home country and told me to try this to help relieve my baby’s gas. It was a piece of cloth with two ties that wrapped around a baby’s tummy. I was so surprised to realize that it worked!

Creating Our Own Belly Band

When I had my second child I decided to make one of my own, but with higher quality materials and construction. The MEMEENO® belly band was born. We use organic cotton and organic water-based prints on all our bands. It has triple layers in order to increase the warmth factor on the belly, where the baby needs it most.  I always recommend supplementing the band with other tried and true methods to help soothe and calm baby, including:

  1. Warm bath. Remember baby has been in a comfy, warm wet amniotic sac for 9 months, so recreating that environment brings security and calm to most babies.
  2. Take the baby outside. Often fresh air and blue skies are what do the trick. That, and a breeze on a baby’s face can calm hot tempers.
  3. Undress and tummy rub. We would often undress the baby and gently rub olive oil on her tummy to release gas from a feeding or digestion problems. This warms the tummy and moves gas down and out.
  4. Tummy Time. Placing baby on her tummy, supervised, can also put pressure and warmth on the tummy to release gases to help soothe and comfort.
  5. Belly Banding. By fastening a band around the baby’s tummy, the pressure and the warmth helps to ease baby’s tummy troubles. This method of soothing has been used in various cultures and places around the world. For example, in Japan the band is called a Haramaki and is used throughout adulthood.

Note: Always contact your Pediatrician to discuss any prolonged discomfort your baby is experiencing.

Guest blog written by Ali the Founder of MEMEENO®

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