Signs Your Baby is Ready to Transition from 3 to 2 Naps

The purpose of nap 3 is to simply bridge the gap between daytime and bedtime.  Nap 1 supports cognitive development and nap 2 supports motor skill development.  It is important that nap 1 and 2 are a minimum of 1 hour in length in order for them to be considered restorative.  This is the key [...]


Bedtime by Age – Timing is everything

Bedtime starting too late causes 3 main problems: Difficulty falling asleep. Once the baby exceeds the natural sleep window the body produces adrenaline to cope.  This is often when we see the "second wind". Getting in front of this is key. Multiple Night Wakings. When bedtime is too late cortisol is released and causes poor sleep [...]


4 Tips to Prevent Daylight Savings From Ruining Your Baby or Toddlers Sleep

When the clock falls back one hour on November 4th be prepared for early rising which throws off your nap and bedtime schedule. Follow these simple steps to help your child adjust to the time change and prevent sleep regressions. Daylight savings Unsure what time your child's bedtime should be?  Grab our bedtime [...]