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Carolynne J. Harvey


I started Dream Baby Sleep because I needed Dream Baby Sleep when my daughter was an infant. Back then, I broke nearly every “rule” in the book: I nursed her to sleep, I rocked and shushed her to sleep, I co-slept until she was almost a year old. I was a single mom dealing with undiagnosed postpartum depression— every minute of sleep I could get was precious, but neither of us was getting enough. The deprivation was amplifying my depression exponentially and preventing me from being the mom I knew I could be. I needed information and tools. After I found them, my experience with my daughter inspired me to start Dream Baby Sleep. I’m now so happy to provide those resources and solutions to families all across the United States & Canada.

After I became a sleep consultant in 2012, I founded Dream Baby Sleep. I attended The Family Sleep Institute’s Child Sleep Consultant Program, as well as getting certified as a sleep consultant and newborn sleep certified by the Institute of Pediatric Sleep & Parenting. I’m also a designated safe sleep guardian by the 501c3 First Candle and a member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants. Thanks to my training, I’ve been able to leverage what I’ve learned about the science behind baby sleep to meet people where they are and help countless families get on the road to the rest they deserve.

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