4 Reasons Your Newborn Loves the Swaddle

Do you think your newborn doesn’t like being swaddled?  Well, sorry to say moms and dads, but that is not the case!  While they may not like initially being swaddled, or they like to try and break free of the swaddle, all babies feel most secure once swaddled.  Here are 4 reasons babies should be swaddled:

  1. Helps to reduce SIDS (2007 Journal of Pediatrics)
  2. It is soothing! They were held so tightly in your womb, so being swaddled helps simulate the same feeling of being secure and safe
  3. Promotes sleep continuity by helping to prevent the moro reflex from startling them
  4. Immobilizing their arms actually helps them to develop better motor skill organization

Are you wondering when you should stop swaddling your baby?

The average age that babies stop being swaddled is 3-4 months.  A key indicator is that your baby is starting to roll.  Once that happens, you can start the process of weaning them off the swaddle.  At this time you want to increase tummy time so that your baby can master this new skill so that it does not interfere with his sleep.  When baby is rolling their arms must be free and not swaddled.

Safety Note: Always place your baby down on his BACK to sleep.

How do I stop swaddling my baby?  For babies that are more dependent on being swaddled, it is best to do so gradually.  Be sure to set a healthy sleep foundation for your newborn.  You can start by leaving one arm out of the swaddle and rotating which arm you swaddle, then both arms, eventually until you are not swaddling him at all.

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