3 Tips to Improve Early Rising

Early rising is one of the most challenging components of sleep because the lightest stage of REM sleep is between 4 AM and 7 AM. This makes it hard for our little ones to return to sleep during these times. I do NOT subscribe to the theory, “I just have an early riser”. Sleep is taught, it’s a learned behavior so lets start teaching these little baby birds.

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OK, lets talk turkey, anything before 6 AM is just down right ungodly! Who knows a key indicator that bedtime is too late? You guessed it … early rising!

Follow these keys tips for 2 weeks to improve early rising:
  • Shave 15-30 minutes off bedtime and get them in earlier, sleep begets sleep!
  • We sleep train awake for the day just like we do the bedtime. Set awake for the day no earlier then 6:30 AM and do not take the baby out of the crib until then.<
  • Apply the sleep training method you’ve chosen (Pick Up Put Down, Chair Method, Check and Console, Extinction, etc) to all wake ups prior to 6:30 AM

We need to look at the 24 hour sleep cycle to fine tune this but these tips will get you started and on the right path. If you’re consistent for two weeks you will get results! Sleep is taught it takes time and patience. Reach out for help here if you need it.

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