Sleep Training Does Not Have To Mean Cry It Out

Dream Baby Sleep® Founder Carolynne Harvey answers frequently asked questions about Newborns. Read below. Sleep training is vital to creating a stable sleep schedule for newborns. Creating a sleep schedule early lays a strong foundation for the independent sleeping your baby should be doing at 4 months old. However, today's sleep training focuses on [...]


4 Reasons Your Newborn Loves the Swaddle

The swaddle is one of the most effective ways to make your baby feel safe, secure, and calm. Many babies, however, seem to dislike being swaddled. Going by their baby's reaction, many parents assume that they have that one baby who doesn't like being wrapped up. Ironically, the number of parents who think they are [...]


4 Reasons Why White Noise Improves Newborn Sleep

Newborn sleep can always be improved in the first few weeks. Remember what we always say here: sleep is a learned behavior. That means that as our baby grows, we can always improve their sleep patterns, dialing in exactly what we need to in order to create a successful sleep schedule. One of the best [...]