Provide a calming presence by remaining seated in a chair near your child’s crib or bed and gradually moving farther away each night until you’re out the door. If you are concerned about your child experiencing separation anxiety, your child has never fallen asleep without you being nearby, you’re transitioning your baby to a crib or her own room and don’t want her to be alone, or you have a toddler who insists on having you in the room while she falls asleep, this method enables you to be close by while helping your child learn how to fall asleep on her own.

  • Age: 4 months to 4 years old
  • Cry Tolerance: Low to medium; Medium to high
  • Temperament: Easy, Sensitive

Note: The earliest we sleep train is 16 weeks from your estimated due date based on sleep maturity. If your baby is under 16 weeks schedule our newborn sleep package and buy the book in preparation to start training.