Dream Baby Sleep Consultants

According to the National Sleep Foundation, full-term, healthy newborns should sleep a total of 14-17 hours per day. Typically, a baby should clock 8-12 hours of sleep at night, with intervals of awakenings for feedings, and accrue the remaining hours by way of naps throughout the day. Dream Baby Sleep recognizes the many challenges families face when it comes to achieving maximum sleep and believes in creating customized plans to meet the very specific needs of each family.

Founded by Carolynne Harvey, a mom who broke all the rules when her daughter was an infant, the company wants to educate and empower parents to take control of sleep in their homes. Carolynne is a graduate of Sleep Baby Sleep Certified Sleep Consultants, completed 200 hours of Family Sleep Institute Child Sleep Consultant program, and has been personally mentored by Deborah Pedrick, Founder and President of Family Sleep Institute.

Sleep is not an innate skill its a learned behavior.  Whether you have a baby or toddler we can help improve sleep for your family.  If you’re struggling with night waking, bedtime battles, short naps, early rising, sleep regressions or simply need help getting back on track after traveling we can support you.

Sleep training does NOT have to mean Cry It Out.  We support families using sleep coaching methods that are aligned with your babies temperament, your parenting style and your cry tolerance.  You can choose from Pick Up Put Down, Chair Method, Check & Console and Silent Return.  The great news is that all sleep training methods works, the success lies with the consistency of the parent.

Schedule a free 15 minute sleep consultation so our certified team can learn more about your sleep struggles, share easy to follow tips based on the science behind sleep and chat about how our program works.

#tiredasamother is not a badge of honor and we’re on a quest to demystify sleep training.