How to teach your baby to LOVE sleep

Love sleep – that’s the lesson we want to teach our children. When our little ones love sleep, it makes every naptime, every bedtime, and even every waking moment much easier. When our little ones are on a sleep schedule that really works, they feel better, and we feel better. Here are some quick tips to ensure that your little one becomes a big fan of sleep.

Quick Tips to Teach Your Baby to Love Sleep

Many parents are completely convinced that their baby hates the crib and just isn’t a good sleeper. It seems like no matter what they do, they just can’t seem to get their baby on board with going down for naps or bedtime. The good news is that sleep is taught. It’s not an innate skill, but rather a learned behavior. These quick tips can get you on the road to a baby who actually likes to sleep.

Use White Noise

White noise is a huge ally in any parent’s quest to teach their baby how to sleep. White noise helps soothe the brain, relaxing the little ones so they can drift to sleep rather than focusing on the absence of their parents. When combined with room darkening, white noise is an incredibly effective tool for teaching babies how to sleep.

Early Bedtime

We touch on this one all the time, and that’s because it cannot be overstated. early bedtime leads to better sleep. Remember, sleep is taught. When a baby falls asleep on his or her own, they aren’t really learning to sleep. Rather, they’re learning to hold out until they are so exhausted that they just can’t keep their eyes open any longer. While many parents think that this exhaustion should lead to deep sleep, in reality, it leads to interrupted sleep and early rising.


Timing is everything when it comes to teaching your baby to love sleep. Timing ties in closely with an early bedtime. That’s because the science of baby sleep shows that naps should fall between roughly 9 AM and 1 PM on a 2-nap schedule and bedtime should be at 6:30 PM. See? It ties right into an early bedtime.

You CAN Teach Your Baby to Love Sleep

Teaching your baby how to love sleep can be done, and it’s far easier than most people realize. Even following the very briefly touched on tips above can have you well on your way to a having a baby who loves sleep in very little time.

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