4 Reasons Why White Noise Improves Newborn Sleep

Babies LOVE white noise.  They have been living in your womb for 9 months hearing the loud swooshing of your heart beat, organs working, the rumbles of your belly, vibration of your voice and the chatter outside!  Next time you are taking a bath, turn the faucet on full blast and put your head under the water- that is very similar to what your baby has been hearing her entire life!  When babies are born, their world becomes uncomfortably quiet, which is why white noise is so beneficial!

Babies should be sleeping with continuous white noise until they are at the very least, two years old for these reasons:

  • White noise helps babies go to sleep and stay asleep longer
  • White noise drowns out background noise (older siblings, city traffic, TV, etc.)
  • White noise helps to calm babies, creating a cocoon-like environment
  • It is a familiar sound that switches on the calming reflex

Are you afraid that your baby could become addicted to the white noise?  Don’t be!  White noise is easy to wean off of.  If you choose too, you can gradually start decreasing the volume each night.  If your baby continues to sleep well, then no more need for white noise.  If your baby starts waking up, then stick with it.

Why should the sound machine be placed across the room?

  • To ensure the noise doesn’t cause auditory issues
  • So that your baby cannot reach it

Our favorite sound machine brand? Marpac Dohm!

Adapted from Dr. Harvey Karp


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