Top 5 Mommy Must Have Products

Must have products for moms is the topic of conversation today. I often find myself wondering what’s in everyone’s bag of tricks when it comes to Mommy must have products.  There are thousands of products to choose from and knowing where to start can be overwhelming.  I’m going to break this down in an unconventional way and start with something for Mom.

Top 5 Must Have Products for Moms

These products are the tops, in my opinion. They make being a mom to a little one easy, convenient, and more comfortable for both mom and baby. With these products, moms can feel confident knowing that all of their baby bases are covered, and that is really how all moms want to feel, isn’t it?

1. A Diaper Bag and Sophisticated Purse in One

I chose the Kate bag by MZ Wallace because it has 6 exterior and 10 interior pockets, need I say more? It’s water and stain resistant and comes with a detachable crossbody strap. This bag is not only amazing for baby but does double duty as a chic gym or overnight bag. This splurge is well worth it, you can thank me later.

Must have gray diaper bag with handles on white background.

2. An Easy-to-Use Swaddle Blanket

As a sleep expert, this is near and dear to my heart for several reasons. Fostering healthy sleep in infants is extremely important for your baby’s development because a sleeping brain is a working brain. Swaddling can be tricky, set yourself up for success by choosing an easy to use swaddle blanket.  A snug fit is important for your baby to feel secure and the Halo SleepSack Swaddle is the #1 choice by the certified sleep experts at Dream Baby Sleep™. Always place baby down on their backs to sleep.

3. The Teething Toy That Every Baby Loves

Sophie the giraffe is a must for reasons I can’t quite explain.  Moms love it because of the natural rubber and food paint with no junk what so ever.  Sophie easily stimulates your babies 5 senses and provides a squeak of delight with every chomp.  You’ll want Sophie everywhere you go from the age of 3 months and older.

4. Disposable Changing Table Pad Liners

Nobody tells you when you change your baby 10 times per day they have a diaper blow out 50% of the time. You don’t want to be washing the changing pad cover every time. This was a lifesaver for me, they’re a great laundry time saver at home and create a clean barrier on the go.  Disposable changing pad liners are quick and easy to use.\

5. PostBump Bags for Mom

Once baby arrives taking care of our self tends to fall to the wayside. I love this PostBump Bag full of goodies for Mom from The Stork Bag. It’s easily customizable based on the delivery method (natural or c-section) and your primary feeding method (bottle or breastfeeding). Each PostBump Bag™ has items ranging from the latest beauty must haves to top-rated (by moms of course) postnatal recovery product

These Must Have Products Make Everything Easier

From a diaper bag that actually looks stylish to disposable changing table liners to keep your baby on a clean surface no matter where he or she has to be changed, these must have products make life so much easier for both mom and baby. With these products, any mom will feel confident that she has everything covered no matter where she is, and that’s a huge win in itself.

Author: Carolynne J. Harvey, Certified Infant & Toddler Sleep Expert –

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