The Labor of Motherhood by Dr. Jessica Escott – Dream Team Counsel Member

Women go through many changes throughout their lifetime both within themselves and through their relationships. The shift into parenthood can represent the most seismic change of all. When a woman becomes a mother, the way she views herself, her community, her partner and family all change. She is thrusted into a deeply rewarding but extremely consuming responsibility of taking care of a small and fragile life. Mothers want to draw forth the best parts of themselves to instill upon their growing children, but it can be difficult amongst the whirlwind of change and shifts she is experiencing simultaneously.

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In today’s culture, there are many ways to reach for help. Parents often seek advice from their parents, pediatricians, and friends. When these parents do not feel comfortable asking for advice, they can also read the plethora of information and blogs on the internet. While all of this advice can sometimes be useful, it can also conflict with one another and then just add to existing anxieties.

As the old adage goes, parenting takes a village. Parents need both instrumental and emotional support during this time. Instrumental support can be gained through hands on help such as: babysitting, learning parenting tools, and gaining parent coaching. Instrumental support such as sleep coaching allows the whole family to regulate their bodies and give more space for positive family experiences.

Emotional support allows parents to explore and understand their life changes and conflicts. Partners, friends and family are a good place to start for this much needed emotional support. Sometimes that support is not enough. With all the changes that parenting brings to one’s sense of self, it can also bring up unresolved past issues as well. That is where therapy comes into play.

I specialize in women with young children and they shift into their new identities and changing relationships. The change can be difficult at first, but ultimately pave the way for a greater sense of self, confidence, and more rewarding relationships. The first goal of any therapy is to develop trust- with me, within yourself and through our therapy relationship. That trust allows us to collaborate upon treatment goals and explore issues that are difficult to discuss. I use a supportive and integrative approach derived from evidenced based relational and cognitive behavioral therapies and attachment research.

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Nov 16th @8pm NYC Sleep Workshop

Nov 16th @8pm NYC Sleep Workshop



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