6 Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Guest blog by: Lisa Abramson best-selling author of  The Wise Mama Guide to Maternity Leave: Avoid Burnout, “Bad Mom Syndrome,” and Other Common Pitfalls of Motherhood Being a mom is hard. Being sleep deprived is extremely hard. And when we’re exhausted, our inner critic can get even louder than normal—essentially kicking us when we’re down. So, what [...]


3 Steps to Overcoming the 4 Month Sleep Regression

Many parents think things will get better once their baby “gets through the 4-month sleep regression”.  However, more common then not the baby is not able to self-regulate and get back on track.  We recommend not waiting any longer then 2 weeks before addressing the new-found nap strikes, night waking and early rising.  Waiting longer [...]


The Labor of Motherhood by Dr. Jessica Escott – Dream Team Counsel Member

Women go through many changes throughout their lifetime both within themselves and through their relationships. The shift into parenthood can represent the most seismic change of all. When a woman becomes a mother, the way she views herself, her community, her partner and family all change. She is thrusted into a deeply rewarding but extremely [...]