3 Steps to Overcoming the 4 Month Sleep Regression

Many parents think things will get better once their baby “gets through the 4-month sleep regression”.  However, more common then not the baby is not able to self-regulate and get back on track.  We recommend not waiting any longer then 2 weeks before addressing the new-found nap strikes, night waking and early rising.  Waiting longer [...]


5 Steps to Soothing a Fussy Baby

1. Practice safe sleep Keeping your baby safe is your number one priority. Always follow these safe sleep practices from the American Academy of Pediatrics : Place your baby to sleep on their back Put your baby to sleep on a firm surface, such as a crib or bassinet, with only a fitted sheet Keep [...]


4 Reasons Your Newborn Loves the Swaddle

Do you think your newborn doesn’t like being swaddled?  Well, sorry to say moms and dads, but that is not the case!  While they may not like initially being swaddled, or they like to try and break free of the swaddle, all babies feel most secure once swaddled.  Here are 4 reasons babies should be [...]


7 Tips for Setting a Healthy Foundation for Infant Sleep

Adequate sleep is proven to help a child’s cognitive development, emotional balance, behavior and overall health.  Fostering healthy sleep habits with your little one right out of the gate will set you up for success!  Although we don’t sleep train babies until 4 months from their estimated due date, there are steps you can take [...]