Short Nap Blues

Do you have the “short” nap blues? Is your baby the one who will just never nap? Sleep is learned so start fresh today, throw out all your assumptions and take the plunge. Dive into the glory of the circadian sleep rhythms and find you baby’s sweet spot.

Great news is, you can teach new sleep hygiene and get the restorative naps your little one needs very quickly (and by that I mean 2 weeks). Minor 15-30 minute tweaks to your current routine can be game changers.

Age 4 months to 9 months:

Nap 1 – 8:30/9 AM

Nap 2 – 12:30/1:00 PM

Nap 3 – 3:00/3:30 PM

(Above are the start times based on quality of night sleep and previous nap)

Put them down drowsy but awake, the rule with nap 1 and 2 is one hour. Meaning, whether they fall asleep or not they stay in the crib 1 full hour. Nap 3 is discretionary and can be on the go, it’s a short nap, usually 20-45 minutes and is designed to bridge the gap to bed time.

Decide on a sleep training method that suits your baby’s temperament and your parenting style. Sleep training does NOT mean Cry It Out. You need to choose a method that you can 100% commit to for 2 weeks, otherwise you’re wasting your time. During my consults, I spend a tremendous amount of time customizing a sleep training method based on what I’m confident the parents are comfortable with and can execute. I often build a solution combining multiple methods because every baby and family is different.

Sleep Training Methods:

Check and Console, Pick up Put Down, Ferber, Modified Ferber, Chair Method, Cry it Out/Extinction, Mommy Crying while hiding in closet (just joking, I made that last one up)

I’m proud to say that I can teach you how to get your babies sleeping 7 PM to 7 AM. And, no that wasn’t a typo. I’m all about business and I can name that tune in 2 weeks!

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