Is Your 9 – 14 Month Old Getting Enough Sleep ?

Dream Baby Sleep® Founder Carolynne Harvey answers frequently asked questions about 9-14 month olds. Read below.

How do babies sleep during this period?  

  • Babies 9-14 months old sleep 12-14 hours in a 24 hour period
  • They should have 2 naps per day that range from 1-2 hours per nap

What is the #1 sleep issue or pain point for babies in this age group?

We often see a nap strike around 12 months old that is tied to a developmental leap and many parents make the mistake of dropping down to 1 nap per day too early.  We want to hold on to 2 naps for as long as possible.

This is important because without enough day sleep we start the evening overtired, which triggers multiple night waking and early rising.

  • Your baby is dealing with developmental leaps like standing, talking and walking
  • Developmental milestones often interfere with sleep because babies practice their new skills in the crib
  • Hoping they grow out of night waking is the wrong approach, healthy sleep is a learned behavior

What are some excellent guiding tips for parents of this age group?  

Some action items you can take to begin setting a healthy sleep foundation include:

  1. Use blackout curtains
  2. Use continuous white noise for all sleep – some great brands are Marpac, etc.
  3. Offer 2 naps per day at roughly 9 am and 1 pm and apply the 1 hour rule to short naps to teach baby how to connect sleep cycles and return to sleep if they wake after 30-45 minutes

Learn how you can improve baby short naps.

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