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    My child typically takes naps or sleeps at night in: (check all that apply)

    CribFamily bedToddler bedWhile being heldSwing/bouncerCar seatInfant CarrierStroller

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    Bright lightSomewhat lightSomewhat darkPitch black

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    SilentVery occasional subtle noiseOccasional noiseLoud and noisy

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    RockingPattingShushingNursing/bottleBeing heldWhite noiseLovey toyPacifierSwaddlingWalking/movingCar/Stroller rideTVMusicOther

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    How many naps a day does your child typically take?


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    What time does your child take nap 1, 2, 3, etc and how long is each nap usually?

    How would you describe the overall mood of your child? Happy, cranky, laid back?

    Is your child in daycare, if yes, please explain schedule? Drop off, naps, pick up?

    My child usually goes to bed around?

    Our normal bedtime routine is?

    If your child wakes at night, how many times and how do you respond?

    Who typically handles night waking?

    Does your child nurse or bottle feed


    If yes, how many feedings and at what time?

    What developmental milestones (if any) has your baby accomplished? Check all that apply
    Rolling from belly to backRolling from back to bellySitting upBut can't lay back downCrawlingStanding in Crib

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