Are You TORTURED by Multiple Night Wakings?

Night wakings used to be the bane of my existence, I broke EVERY rule in the book. I did what many do when their babies wake 3-5 times per night (after 4 months old) we feed them. I’m not saying this is bad. If it works for you, run with it. If you’re like me and can no longer function the next day and you need help…read on. Let’s tackle multiple night wakings.

Steps to Minimize Night Wakings

Multiple night waking can make life utterly miserable. You’re tired. The baby’s tired. Every moment of the day seems to go by in slow motion. It’s like living in a horrible, baby-themed episode of Baywatch. All the crankiness, tiredness, and creeping time makes every second of the day an exercise in misery. What’s more, you know your baby is probably going to be up several times that night. It’s a vicious cycle, but luckily, it’s one that we can eliminate.

The Roadmap to Reducing Multiple Wakings

  • Identify how many feeds per night your baby nutritionally “needs” and not “wants”. We feed the need!
  • Set the first feed for any time after midnight, trust me on this one.
  • Implement an earlier bedtime – even 30 minutes earlier can help. multiple night wakings can be triggered by an overtired baby
  • Identify a sleep training method that works for your family dynamic and the temperament of your baby (ie. Check and Console, Chair Method, Silent Return, Ferber, Pick Up Put Down)
  • Apply your sleep training method to the night wakings that don’t require a feed (review with your pediatrician before starting)
  • Be consistent, follow through and stick to the basics!

Why Minimizing Night Wakings After 5 Months is Important

Sleep is food for our babies brain. A sleeping brain is a working brain. Consolidated night sleep allows your baby’s body to benefit from deep, restorative sleep. Night sleep comes together first and then helps us improve day sleep – the almighty naps! Sleep begets sleep, don’t fear the early bedtime. Embrace it. It will absolutely help with night wakings. Big hugs to those struggling, I know the feeling.

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