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Choose from 4 gentle, science-backed sleep training methods

Dream Baby Sleep® offers science-backed sleep solutions. We use four gentle sleep training methods, each has been perfected by more than ten years of research and is supported by the science behind sleep.

Sleep Training Methods

Check & Console
Pick up Put Down
Chair Method
Silent Return

Classes and Resources


Newborns (0-16 weeks)

Newborn Sleep Class

Must have tips to set a
healthy sleep foundation.

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4 – 48 Months

Baby Sleep Class

Gentle sleep training for
babies & toddlers.

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4-48 Months


4 gentle sleep training methods
to choose from.

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Mother holding baby while working on laptop in office. Business and family balance. Workplace with baby, laptop, phone and to do list from above.

Newborn to 48 Months

1 on 1 Coaching

Certified sleep coaches providing
customized solutions and support.

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Our Unique Approach

We believe that every parent and family should receive the best level of care and support.
Our support is unique in 3 unique ways:

4 Gentle Sleep Training Methods
Customized & Combined Approaches
Supporting Both Babies & Toddlers

Success Story

Jordan Monroe, Co-Founder, Owlet Baby

By the end of the program, Grayson went from waking 3 to 5 times a night to sleeping through the night for an average of 13 hours. This improved Melissa's ability to get uninterrupted, restorative sleep as well. "Now I average nine hours of uninterrupted sleep a night," says Melissa.

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