Top 5 Sleep Training Methods Not To Be Scared Of

Sleep training does NOT have to mean Cry It Out but it is an effective method! Choose a method based on the temperament of your baby, parenting style and family dynamic.  Realizing it's no longer your job to soothe your baby to sleep is where we start.  Instead, take a gentle step back and allow your baby [...]

Early Rising, is your baby up with the chickens?

Early rising is one of the most challenging components of sleep because the lightest stage of REM sleep is between 4 AM and 7 AM. This makes it hard for our little ones to return to sleep during these times. I do NOT subscribe to the theory, "I just have an early riser". Sleep is [...]

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Are you TORTURED by multiple night wakings?

Night waking use to be the bain of my existence, I broke EVERY rule in the book. I did what many do when their babies wake 3-5 times per night (after 4 months old) we feed them. I'm not saying this is bad, if it works for you, run with it. If you're like me [...]

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Talking up sleep to your toddler

As our toddlers develop they often become pro's at bedtime stall tactics. My daughter is famous for proclaiming anything and everything to stall bed time, her latest attempt is "I have a hang nail". The best advice is to talk to your toddler using what I call "positive sleep speak". The best way to start [...]

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